Our Mission is to prepare all students to reach their full potential as life-long learners and socially responsible contributors to our global community.

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Founded by two speech-language pathologists and fitness fanatics, S.M.A.K. Athletics L.L.C. is a fitness program designed for children with special needs.  There is a strong positive correlation between physical activity and language development. Within each exercise class, children at S.M.A.K. Athletics will receive multiple opportunities to practice a wide range of language skills.  Some include but are not limited to: following multi-step oral directions, turn-taking, initiating and maintaining conversations with peers, and expanding vocabulary.

Winter session is starting (Tuesday afternoons from late January-late March) at Halo Fitness in New Canaan.

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The Adaptive Edge Program was developed for children (ages 4-10) and adolescents (ages 11-18) with intellectual and physical disabilities to promote self-control, increase self-esteem and physical activity through Gymnastics, Parkour, and Dance. We encourage parents and siblings to participate and make your child’s experience the best it can be.  1:1 accommodations can be made if preferred. 

Program dates: 1/26-3/29

Ages: 4-8     Time: 12-1:00

Ages: 9+      Time: 1:15-2:15

Program Cost: $309 for the 10 week session

For more information or to sign up for an intake meeting please contact the Program Director, Brendan Bogan, CTRS: Brendan@theadaptiveedge.com



“…reaching where words cannot”

 Individual music therapy sessions for students with special needs – all ages! MusicWorks! MusicWorks! sessions employ structured and improvised musical activities including singing, instrument playing, rhythm and movement, song-writing, listening, imaging and relaxation to meet individual needs . Activities are specifically designed for cognitive, emotional, psychological, physical and social concerns.

Facilitated by board-certified music therapist Patricia Ashford,

who encourages children and adults to express themselves without judgement and to grow in creativity and self-confidence.  Contact: Sarah Miller, Director, Westport School of Music

(203) 227-4931, smiller@wsmusic.org


COMPASS FOR FAMILIES: Social Skills Play groups and Study Skills coaching for kids of all ages, now in Westport!

Social Skills Playgroups

Does your child have a tough time socially? A Social Skills Playgroup can help! A Social Skills Group provides a safe and supportive environment in which children can acquire and practice a variety of strategies to help them feel more comfortable, and become more successful socially. Group work is personalized to address specific needs at home and at school. Some of the skills developed in groups include the following: Developing and maintaining friendships, Flexibility, Reading social cues, Joining and playing games,

Initiating and participating in conversations, Self regulation, Bullying and responses to bullies, 

Anger Management Strategies, Self- advocating at school. 

Groups are formed based on age, temperament, language abilities and social functioning. 


Study Skills Counseling  


Does your child struggle with organization? Do they lack the materials they need or even fail to hand in completed work? Study skills counseling can help develop their executive functioning skills including the following: Prioritizing tasks and time, Managing papers and materials, Managing long terms projects, Breaking projects into manageable parts, Use the language of time, sense the sweep of time and identify time robbers, Self talk and self monitor during a task, Become a future thinker: what will it look like when it’s done? How to plan your work so you can then work your plan!

For more information about social skills groups and study skills counseling please contact Lorenza Arnal at compassforfamilies@gmail.com or 415-952-7186.