Health, Wellness & Positive Youth Development Advisory Committee

PTA Council Health, Wellness & PYD Town Wide Co-Chairs:

Our Mission

The Health, Wellness and Positive Youth Development Advisory Council is a partnership between Westport Public Schools, Westport PTA and the Westport Department of Human Services. The mission is to promote the positive development of children and youth in families, in schools, among peers and in the community. The group also serves as an advisory group by providing guidance and recommendations as it relates to health, wellness, parent education and student achievement.

A coordinated approach to school health will be utilized to address the physical, social and emotional health of the school and broader community, which includes students, families, staff and community. The theme of “Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child” is used as an approach to address educational attainment and healthy development for the entire community.



Links and District Information


Food Services - Link to PTA food services page



Heath and Nursing Staff - Link to school health offices


Psychological Services

  • Coordinator of Psychological Services Valerie Babich 203-341-1237

Physical Education and Health Education - Link to SHS page

  • Christine Wanner , Coordinator of Health and Physical Education 203-241-2429

Positive Youth Development Programs & Contact List

  • TBA
    To be added to our newsletter for parents and community members with information on events and opportunities that involve youth and families.You can sign up to receive PYDoings by emailing your name and email address to