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RULER in the Schools

We have begun rolling out RULER across the district. In the first year, a school will concentrate on helping children create a charter that is a working, living document and help them use and understand the mood meter. During the second year, the Meta Moment and Blue Print will be launched.

Classroom Charters:

A charter is a document that helps children think about the ideal emotional climate in the classroom. Teachers lead discussions and activities in the classroom to think about feelings they would like to have, generate a list and agree upon the language they would like to use. In subsequent activities, the children discuss ideas to resolve conflicts when they arise.

The Mood Meter:

The Mood Meter looks a little different across the grades, but in general...

Mood Meter Graphic
Red feelings: High in energy and more unpleasant (e.g., angry, scared, and anxious)

Blue feelings: Low in energy and more unpleasant (e.g., sad, disappointed, and lonely)

Green feelings: Low in energy and more pleasant (e.g., calm, tranquil, and relaxed)

Yellow feelings: High in energy and more pleasant (e.g., happy, excited, and curious)

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