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Special Education

Dear Parents,

We wanted to introduce ourselves, we serve on the Westport PTA Special Education Committee as the representatives for each of the schools in the district (also known as ‘SpEd Parents.’). The Westport PTA SpEd Committee has two representatives from each school and our Co-Chairs sit on the PTA Council. We work as an advisory committee within the Westport Public School System to ensure quality services for our children with special needs.

Like you, we are parents of children who receive special education services. We know that sometimes it is nice to be able to talk to someone with similar experiences. We are here to listen and provide support if we can.

Our role as committee representatives is to work closely with each school’s administration and with the Westport Schools Director of Pupil Services, meeting on a monthly basis. We advocate for all our children through parent education and support, and through special projects. We host social events like the monthly Sip ‘n Chat, SpEd parent coffees and our annual Community Fun Day each November. We work with administration to put on parent education seminars on topics such as navigating your IEP, summer programming options and post-high school transition options. We collaborate on helpful materials like PPT At a Glance. We also update and maintain the SpEd PTA webpages and publish helpful information for the SpEd community therein. Periodically we send out emails with information about local events and activities, if you would like to be added to our email list please email We hope to be a resource for you.

Due to confidentiality laws our schools are prevented from giving out names of special education families. In order to find out more about SpEd Parents, or to learn the answers to your special education questions, please contact us.


Abby Tolan and Nataliya Lalor, Co-Chairs SpED PTA Council