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Westport PTA Cultural Arts, a subcommittee of the PTA Council, consists of delegates from all 8 Westport public schools. This volunteer committee strives to enhance your child’s education by bringing professional performing arts and interactive classroom programs to Westport schools; however, we cannot succeed without you!

The PTA Cultural Arts Program Funds & Organizes:

  • Two school-wide performances at all the elementary schools and
  • Teacher-selected curriculum enrichment programs for the middle schools

Without your donations we may not be able to fund these programs.

Suggested donation: Student Membership $25, Family Membership $55, Sponsor $100, Patron $250, or Other Amount at Your Discretion

Two Easy ways to donate:

PayPal: Click link to donate:

Personal check: Send check payable to “PTA Cultural Arts” and place it in the PTA mailbox in the main office of your school campus.

Thank you on behalf of Westport PTA Cultural Arts and the Westport children who will directly benefit from your donation.