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Past Projects by Project Type

By Project Type Project
3-D Projects

Assemblage Sculpture

Christo Classroom Sculpture

Christo/Goldsworthy Environmental Sculptures

Christo Wrapped Plastic Bottles

Cow Parade Paper Mache

Electricity in Art

Faberge Eggs

Frank Gehry Architecture

Grandma Moses Quilt

Hockney Dioramas

Kachina Dolls

Katherine Ross Quilts

Louise Nevelson

Miwa Koizumi

Native American Plains War Shield


Paper Making

I.M. Pei Architecture

Play with Your Food

Rag Dolls

Stella 3-D Paintings

Yuken Teruya Paper Cutting

Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany Lamps II

Tiffany Lamps III

Tin Punching

Chinese Art

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy Tiles

Chinese Chops

Chinese Fan Paintings

Chinese Ink Drawings

Chinese Paper Cuts

Wang Ming Chinese Art


Michael Albert Collages

Chagall Stained Glass II

Claudette Bassin-Isaacs Collages

Dali Collage

Dali Portrait Collage

Eric Carle Collages

Eric Carle Collage II

Chuck Close Portraits Collage

Handmade Victorian Valentines

Hockney Photocollages

Leo Lionni Collage

Matisse Cut-Outs

Miró Collage


Mosaics of Ancient Rome

Paik Robot Collage

Picasso Body Collages

Picasso Collage Portraits

Picasso Collage Portraits Mixed Media

Picasso Portrait Puzzle

Romare Bearden

Romare Bearden 2010

Rosenquist Collage

Rousseau Rainforest Collages

Rousseau Matted Pictures (collage)

Surrealism Collage

Wegman Dressing Dogs


Art of the Comic Strip

Audubon Bird Drawings


Chagall Stained Glass

Chuck Close Drawn Portraits

Curtis Sepia Portraits

Da Vinci Inventions

Jim Dine Hearts

Escher Tesselations

Hardie Gramatky Pencil Illustrations

Jan Vermeer

Jasper Johns

Crockett Johnson

Keith Haring Drawings

Keith Haring Body Drawings

Keith Haring Full Body Drawings

Keith Haring Figure Drawings

Keith Haring Heart Drawings

Paul Klee Line Drawing with Watercolor

Lichenstein Pop Art Drawing

Miro Spanish Class Project

Munce Figure Drawing

Rogier Van der Weyden

Charles Schultz Comics

Tiffany Stained Glass

Twombly Drawings

Van Gogh Starry Night

Waski Illustrations

Warhol Colored Photographs

Warhol Pop Art Drawings

Wyland Whaling Walls


Brazilian Carnival Masks

Egyptian Funeral Masks


African Masks

Masks Around the World

Masks in "Picasso Style"

Mixed Media

Bearden Collage

Cave Paintings of Lascaux

Elizabeth Murray Mixed Media

Finster Mixed Media

Picasso Collage Portraits Mixed Media

Rauschenberg Mixed Media

Tiffany Stained Glass II

Van Gogh Mixed Media

Wegman Dressing Dogs II


Calder Mobiles

Calder Five Senses Mobile

Murals Bearden Collage

Matisse Cut-Outs Mural

Norman Rockwell Mural

Rousseau Mural

Oil/Chalk Pastels/Charcoal

Jim Dine Abstracts

Galileo Art and Science of the Cosmos

Michelangelo Ceiling Murals

Kandinsky Drawings

Paul Klee Faces

Paul Klee Scratch Art Painting

Klee Geometric Pictures

Picture Portraits

Solar System - Degas Pastels

Van Gogh Art of the Cosmos


Anne Geddes Photography

Nature Photography

Needham Sunprints

Wegman Photography


Botanical Illustration on Textiles

Leaves and Branches Printmaking

Textiles American Samplers

Early American Samplers

Faith Ringgold Quilt



Totem Poles

Totem Poles of the Pacific NW

Totem Pole Sculptures


Chair Designs

Christo Sculpture

Egyptian Cartouche

Egyptian Relief Carving and Painting

Egyptian Sarcophagus

Egyptian Sarcophagi II

George Segal Sculptures

Klee Wire Sculptures

Joel Shapiro Sculpture

Michelangelo Sculptures

Native American Art - Pottery

Native American Clay Pottery

Noguchi Clay Sculpture

O'Keefe Flower Sculptures

Oldenburg Soft Sculpture

Oldenburg Sculpture II

Paper Sculptures

Picasso Sculpture

Remington Sculpture

Rodin Sculptures

Stone Wall Sculptures

Taino Guanins

Taino Medallions II

Waski Portrait Sculptures

Weiss Clay Sculptures

Tempera/Other Paints

Calder Wallpaper

Chinese Ink Drawings

Frankenthaler Painting

Jacob Lawrence Paintings

Japanese Screen Paintings

Joan Mitchell Painting

John Dykes Painting

Landscapes/Hudson River School

Neiman Olympics Paintings

Pollack Drip Painting

Pollack Drip Painting II

Pollack Abstract Painting

Pollack Abstract Painting II

Still Life I

Still Life II

Rembrandt Portraits

Ruscha Word Paintings

Seurat Pointillism

Seurat Pointillism Fish

Warhol Painted Portraits


Jim Dine Watercolor Pencils

O'Keeffe Flowers

Paul Klee Line Drawing with Watercolor

Monet Watercolor Postcards

Monet Watercolors

Warhol Watercolor Portraits

Warhol Watercolor Self-Portraits