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Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy Grades K -2

Acceptable Use Policy Grades 3-5

Acceptable Use Policy Grade 6-12

Student Email Guidelines

The curriculum goals of the Westport Public Schools call for integrating technology into our instructional programs and classroom practice. Towards this end, students’ access to and use of electronic resources, including the Internet, is age and grade-appropriate and increases gradually from year to year. Use of the Internet by students at any grade is required to be related directly to specific curriculum objectives. At the elementary level, access to the Internet takes place only under the direct supervision of an adult.

With this opportunity to make use of electronic resources comes the need for personal responsibility on the part of users. To ensure responsible use we have enclosed an Acceptable Use Agreement to be signed by parent and child when children enter the school system, with the understanding that it will be renewed in grades 3, 6 and 9. Please discuss this agreement with your child and emphasize its importance. Noncompliance can result in revocation of computer-use privileges and/or other disciplinary measures.

Please note that conduct that is prohibited at school or a school sponsored activity is also prohibited off campus when it has the effect of seriously interfering with the educational process. In considering such interference, school officials will consider the following factors:

  • whether the conduct seriously impeded the day to day operation of the school;
  • whether the incident occurred within close proximity of a school;
  • whether the conduct had a direct and negative impact on another student’s academic performance or safety in school.

For your child’s safety, we strongly recommend that you monitor your children’s at-home access to the Internet. We also request that you instruct them not to use their home computers or other electronic devices to transmit material that is inappropriate or offensive, particularly to schoolmates or staff members.

We have installed filtering software at the elementary and middle school levels. While we do not consider it a substitute for teacher supervision or for our responsibility to provide students with clear and precise direction for use of the Internet, the software bars access to inappropriate sites with a very high degree of certainty. However, no filtering software is 100% foolproof. There remains the possibility, however slim, that despite these safeguards, your youngster may be able to see material that you and/or school officials might find inappropriate. Your signature on the agreement indicates that you are aware of this possibility.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to ensure that all of our students make use of our computer resources in a safe and responsible manner.