Additional Information

Setting Up RSS Feed Subscriptions

Really Simple Syndication (RSS), is a framework for the distribution or feed of content from a publisher to a consumer. It allows users to subscribe to and receive updates on content of their choosing. In order to use RSS feeds you are required to have a software client (or aggregator) that will subscribe to and receive information from a source. RSS clients can be device based or web based. An internet search for "rss clients" or "rss aggregators" will yield many options to chose from.

Subscribing to Westport Public Schools' RSS Feeds

Anywhere on the district website you see the RSS symbol you can subscribe to receive updates.

When you click on this symbol you will be presented with an option to select which specific feeds from WPS that you wish to subscribe to. Depending on your web browser and RSS client, you may need to hover over the XML link, copy the RSS link, and paste it into your RSS client. Some web browser add-ons or mobile devices may have launchers that handle this process automatically by placing the feed link in your RSS client for you. The screenshot below illustrates the different categories across the district that are available for subscription.