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Before School Childcare 2020-2021 Memo 4-13-20

School Start Time Committee Recommendation Presentation to the Board of Education 1-13-20

School Start Time Committee Recommendation

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Society of Behavioral Medicine Position Statement

American Academy of Pediatrics: School Start Times for Adolescents

Journal of the National Sleep Foundation: Self Report Surveys

Videos and Presentations

Sleep is Your Superpower: Ted Talk by Matt Walker: 19 Minutes

Sleep and the Adolescent Brain: Public Forum Radnor School District, NJ: Presenters Dr. Judith Owens, the Director of Sleep Medicine at Boston Children's Hospital in Boston, MA and a nationally renowned pediatric sleep expert; Dr. Katherine Dahlsgaard, the Lead Psychologist at the Anxiety Behaviors Clinic at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; and Dr. Joseph O’Brien, the Executive Director of the Chester County Intermediate Unit

Dr. Terra Ziporyn: Westport School Start Time Committee Presentation: Dr. Terra Ziporyn is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Start School Later

Dr. Susan Rubman Westport Community Presentation: Dr. Rubman is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine and is the Director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at the Hospital of Central Connecticut, New Britain Campus, Sleep Disorders Center.