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2015-2016 School Year

SpecificationBid/RFP NumberDue DateTimeResults

Outplaced Student Transportation RFP

Winter Athletic Supplies16-002-BOE10-9-1510:00AMAward Results
Purchase of SMART Board Installation

16-003-BOE1-14-1610:00AMAwarded to RnB

CES Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement
16-004-BOE2-3-1610:00AMBid Results
CES Classroom Base Cabinet & Plumbing Replacements16-005-BOE2-2-1610:00AMAwarded to: John L Simpson

Bid Results
CES Air Conditioning Cafeteria & Gym
16-006-BOE2-2-1610:15AMAwarded to ESC

Bid Results
Pool and Locker Room Refurbishment Project Staples High School

Rubbish Removal Services
16-008-BOE4-12-1610:00AMAwarded to Winters Bros
Request for Proposal/Contract: Food Services Management Companies

A mandatory pre-posal and facility walk through is required on February 24, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. beginning at Staples High School, 70 North Avenue, Westport, CT 06880.
Custodial Supplies16-010-BOE4-6-1610:00AMAwards

Bid Results
Purchase of Aruba Equipment and Software16-011-BOE3-18-1610:00AMAwarded to: Frontier Communications
Award Letter
On-Going Boiler Welding Repairs
16-012-BOE4-6-1610:15AMAward Letter to: Shoreline Boiler & Welding, LLC

Bid Results
Uniforms16-013-BOE5-3-1610:00AMBid Results
Locker Replacement- Long Lots Elementary School
16-014-BOE5-3-1610:30AMAward Letter to: Construction Specialties of New England

Bid Results
Purchase of HPE Networking Equipment16-015-BOE4-14-1610:00AMAwarded Letter to Ergonomic Group

Bid Resuts
SES STEM Lab Renovation

A mandatory walk through is scheduled for May 25, 2016 at 3:00pm at Sautatuck Elementary School. Please meet in the Main Office

16-016-BOE6-7-1610:00AMAward Letter to: AV Tuchy Inc.

Bid Results
Auditorium Seating Replacement - LLS16-017-BOE5-16-1611:00AMAward Letter to: Robert H. Lord Company

Bid Results
Purchase of Lenovo Equipment
16-018-BOE6-1-1611:00AMAward Letter

Bid Results
Purchase of HP Equipment
16-019-BOE6-1-1611:00AMAward Letter

Bid Results
Purchase of Dell Equipment16-020-BOE6-1-1611:00AMNo Bids Will Be Awarded At This Time

Bid Results
Purchase of Fortigate Maintenance16-021-BOE6-16-1610:00AMAward Letter to: SHI International Corp.

Bid Results

Purchase of HPE Aruba Maintenance16-022-BOE6-16-1610:00AMAward Letter to: SHI International Corp.

Bid Results

Purchase of Internal Network Wiring16-023-BOE6-29-161:30PMAward Letter to: CAVComm, LLC

Bid Results
Purchase and Installation of Outdoor Wireless Mesh Network at Staples High School16-024-BOE6-29-161:30PM
Purchase of Datamation Chromebook Carts16-025-BOE7-1-1610:00AMAward Letter to: CDW-G

Bid Results

2014-2015 School Year

Science Lab Countertop Replacement - Bedford Middle School15-001-BOE8-11,201410:00 amAwarded to Eagle Ridge Construction
Outplaced Student Transportation Request for Proposal15-002-RFP8-7-1410:00 am

Student Transportation Proposal

Pre-proposal Meeting 12-18-14 10:00 am

Posted 12/19/14 are the following:

Pre-Proposal Conference

Flash Drive Contents

Preproposal Attendees

15-003-RFP Addendum No. 1 posted 1/6/15

15-003-RFP1-15-1510:00 am
Winter Athletic Supplies15-004-BOE10-16-1410:00 amAward Results
Physical Education Supplies15-005-BOE11-6-14 10:00 am
Boiler and Cooling Tower Water Treatments15-006-BOE2-12-159:45 amAward Results
Septic Tank Cleaning15-007-BOE2-12-159:30 amAward Results
Boiler Cleaning and Service15-008-BOE2-12-1510:00 amAward Results
Filters15-009-BOE2-12-15 10:30 amAwarded to Filter Sales & Service Inc.

Purchase of Smartboard Installations

Mandatory Walkthrough is required on November 18, 2014 3:00 pm at Coleytown Middle School, 255 North Ave., Westport, CT

15-010-BOE12-9-14 10:00 amAwarded to RnB
Award Results
Purchase of Kidsfittables15-011-BOE12-3-1410:00 am

Awarded to Kidsfit

Award Results

Installation of Mass Notification Equipment

Mandatory walkthrough required on 12-11-14 at 3:00 pm beginning at Staples High School, 70 North Ave., Westport, CT in the main office.

12-9-14 Installation of Mass Notification Equipment with Specifications

15-012-BOE12-29-1410:00 amAwarded to All-Brite Electric, Inc

Installation of Two Way Radio System

Mandatory walkthrough required on 12-12-14 at 3:00 pm beginning at Staples High School, 70 North Ave., Westport, CT in the main office.

12-9-14 Two Way Radio System with Specifications

15-015-BOE12-30-1410:00 amAwarded to Utility Communications, Inc.
Purchase of Telecommunications Services15-013-BOE1-12-1510:00 amAwarded to Total Communications
Purchase of Centralink Telecommunications15-014-BOE1-12-1510:30 amNo respondents - no award at this time
Purchase of SIP Trunk Telecommunication Services15-016-BOE1-22-15 10:00 amNo Award at this time
Grounds Maintenance Services15-018-BOE5-5-1510:00 am

Awarded to Greenway Property Services

Custodial Supplies15-019-BOE6-2-1510:00 am
Purchase of HP Equipment15-020-BOE5-21-1510:00 amWill not award bid at this time.
Purchase of Dell Equipment15-021-BOE5-21-1510:15 am

Awarded to Advanced Office Systems


Purchase of Lenovo Equipment15-022-BOE5-21-1510:30 am

Awarded to A2 Computers


Purchase of Datamation Carts15-023-BOE5-28-1510:00 am

Awarded Item 1 to The Ergonomic Group. Alternate bid items will not be awarded at this time.


Purchase of Aruba Networks Equipment15-024-BOE5-26-1510:00 am

Awarded to Carousel Industries


Purchase of Athletic Supplies15-030-BOE6-4-1510:00 amResults
Purchase of Fortigate Maintenance Contract15-025-BOE5-28-1510:15 am

Awarded to TBNG Consulting


Purchase of Dell Servers15-026-BOE5-28-1510:30 am

Awarded to Advanced Office Systems


Purchase of HP Procurve Equipment Addendum 1 no bid security required15-027-BOE6-11-1510:30 am

Awarded to Multiple vendors.

Addendum No. 1


Purchase of HP Store Virtual San Equipment15-028-BOE6-3-1510:15 am

Awarded to Consolidated computing


Purchase of Internal Network Wiring Revised for Walkthrough

Addendum 1

Mandatory walkthrough is required on June 18, 2015 at 10:00 am beginning at Bedford Middle School, 88 North Avenue, Westport, CT

15-029-BOE6-23-1510:30 am

Awarded to
C-CO Technology


Purchase of McAfee Virusscan Software15-031-BOE6-11-15 10:00 am

Awarded to A2 Computers


Purchase of Athletic Trainer Supplies15-032-BOE6-16-1510:00 am

Classroom Refurbishing

A mandatory walkthrough is required on June 19, 2015 beginning at 9:00 am on June 19, 2015 at Staples High School, 70 North Ave., Westport, CT

15-033-BOE6-30-1510:00 am
Preventative Maintenance & Repairs of Roofs15-034-BOE6-23-1510:00 am

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