Our Mission is to prepare all students to reach their full potential as life-long learners and socially responsible contributors to our global community.

Board of Education Members

Mark Mathias
11 Juniper Road
(203) 226-1791
[email protected]

Vice Chair
Jeannie Smith
7 Twin Falls Lane
(203) 293-4254
[email protected]

Elaine Whitney
12 Colony Road
(203) 221-7335
[email protected]

Karen Kleine
64 Old Hill Road
(203) 858-4010
[email protected]

Vik Muktavaram
3 Pumpkin Hill Road
(203) 292-6680
[email protected]

Candice Savin
17 Twin Falls Lane
(203) 227-6202
[email protected]

Neil Phillips
73 Wright Street
(203) 722-3234
[email protected]

To contact ALL Board of Education members please email the group at: [email protected]

For more information on Board members please call the Superintendent's office at 203-341-1026.