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Director of Pupil Services

Michael Rizzo
Director of Pupil Services

Michael is a leader dedicated to meeting the educational needs of all students with a focus on working with students with learning differences. He holds a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership from the University of Connecticut, a Masters in Special Education from Fairfield University, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Fairfield University.

Michael began his career in education as a Language Arts teacher in the Fairfield Public Schools. It was during this time that he realized his passion for working with students with special education needs, and as a result, Michael pursued a degree from Fairfield University in Special Education. After several years of teaching and realizing he wanted to impact education beyond his own classroom, Michael chose to continue his education at the University of Connecticut in the area of Educational Leadership, and soon after joined the Westport Public Schools as an Assistant Principal at Coleytown Middle School. Michael’s passion for working with students with special needs and their families continued to guide his professional journey, and he served one year as the Assistant Director of Pupil Services within the Westport Public Schools before beginning his current position as Director of Pupil Services. Michael’s greatest accomplishments include collaborating with district staff members in the development of systematic interventions and services for students, working with the parent community to provide programs and information that enhance their ability to work with their children, and, on a daily basis, working with teams of educators and parents to meet the needs of the most complex learners.

Michael has recently joined the adjunct faculty at Fairfield University and is pleased to contribute to the development of aspiring educators. In his spare time, Michael enjoys spending time with his family, whether it be on the baseball field with his two children or relaxing as a family at the beach, exercising, and traveling.

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