Administrators and Central Office Staff


Thomas Scarice, Superintendent of Schools 110 Myrtle Avenue 203-341-1025
Anthony Buono, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning 110 Myrtle Avenue 203-341-1383
Michael Rizzo, Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services 110 Myrtle Avenue 203-341-1250
Elio Longo, Chief Financial Officer 110 Myrtle Avenue 203-341-1001
John Bayers, Director of Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator 110 Myrtle Avenue 203-341-1004


Director of Technology Natalie Carrignan 70 North Ave. 203-341-1217
Director of Facilities Ted Hunyadi 1 Canal Street 203-341-1271
Assistant Director of School Business Operations Richard McArdle 110 Myrtle Ave. 203-341-1011
Coordinator of Psychological Services Valerie Babich 70 North Ave 203-341-1237
Health Services Supervisor Suzanne LeVasseur 70 North Ave. 203-341-1251
Payroll Coordinator Carole Leahy 110 Myrtle Ave. 203-341-1018
Public Information Office of the Superintendent 110 Myrtle Ave. 203-341-1026
AESOP (Automated Educational Substitute Operator) Jan Mello 110 Myrtle Ave. 203-341-1017
Special Education Offices Pupil Services 110 Myrtle Ave. 203-341-1250
Transportation Coordinator Buffy Barry 110 Myrtle Ave. 203-341-1754
Benefits Coordinator Eileen Ahern 110 Myrtle Ave. 203-341-1003


Administrator & Staff email addresses are first initial and last name (