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One thing’s for sure, whether you joined in by saying celebramos, Ràng w«ímen qìngzhù, lasst uns feiern, gaudeamus, festeggiamo or celebrons, it was all about celebrating culture, uniqueness and what brings us together during World Language Week activities at Staples High School and Bedford and Coleytown Middle Schools.

Organized by the World Language Department, each school hosts a week during the months of March, April or May that provides students the opportunity to go beyond world language conversations and translations to explore different cultures and bring about understanding of other customs and traditions.

“While the annual celebration of World Language Week(s) brings the opportunity to immerse in unique learning experiences and fun, joyful activities,” said Maria Zachery, Westport Public Schools World Languages Coordinator, “it’s also a reminder that language is not just a tool for communication, but also a gateway to inclusion by connecting with the world around us.”

Each week was developed by teachers with a focus on encouraging students to immerse themselves in the richness of cultural diversity and promoting the value of language learning. Highlights of this year’s weeks included a tapeo, a tasting of small Spanish dishes, an African drumming workshop with authentic instruments, the opportunity to build the Eiffel Tower out of marshmallows and toothpicks, a sidewalk drawing contest, ethnic foods on the cafeteria lunch menu - including puttanesca, enchiladas and schnitzel, trivia and scavenger hunts, an Italian photo booth and karaoke.

As the 2024 festivities come to a close, the interactions through cultural exchange are an example of the power of language to unite, educate and inspire.

Instruments used in African drumming workshop
Creating sidewalk chalk art
Authentic African instruments used in drumming workshop
Tasting of small Spanish dishes
Student using an authentic African drum