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Gifted Identification Process

Process for Identifying Grade 2 Gifted Students

All second grade students will be screened through this comprehensive, multi-dimensional process which includes the following steps:

1. Teacher Observation

All students will be screened for gifted behaviors.

2. Group Reasoning Test

All students will be administered the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test.

3. Performance-Based Assessment (PBA)

All students will participate in tasks designed to reveal higher-level thinking skills.

For those students who demonstrate potential exemplary performance, further screening may include:

1. Screening Folder

Three examples of the candidate's best work will be collected and reviewed. Anecdotal records may be included as exemplars.

2. Parent Questionnaire

Parents will be asked to complete an assessment of their child's behavior.

3. Individual Intelligence Exam

This test will be given to students whose abilities need further clarification.

4. Observation/Lesson(s) by Workshop Teacher and/or other team member

5. Small group assessment and individual interviews by workshop teacher

6. A Planning and Placement Team meeting will be held in order to review all gathered information

Students demonstrating exemplary performance will be identified as gifted.


Grade 2 Identification Flow Chart

Grades K, 1 and 3 - 8 Identification Flow Chart



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