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Bids Archive 2017-2018

2017-2018 School Year

Specification Bid/RFP Number Due Date Time Results

Purchase of HP Equipment

18-001-BOE 7-6-17 10:00AM Results
Purchase of McAfee VirusScan Software 18-002-BOE 7-14-17 10:00AM Results
Purchase of HPE Aruba Maintenance
(Rebid from 17-020-BOE)
18-003-BOE 7-14-17 10:00AM No Bid
Outplaced Student Transportation 18-004-RFP 8-3-17 10:00AM  
Purchase of HPE Aruba Maintenance
(Rebid from 17-020-BOE & 18-003-BOE)
18-005-BOE 8-17-17 10:00AM Results
Purchase of SMART Board Installations 18-006-BOE 1-18-18 10:00AM Results
Long Lots Elevator Controller Upgrade

ADDENDUM #1 2/20/18

Walk-Thru Sign in Sheet 2-16-18
18-007-BOE 3-15-18 10:00AM Results
Cooling Tower Replacement, CMS & GFS

ADDENDUM #1 1/29/18

Walk-thru Sign in Sheet 1-26-18
18-008-BOE 2-15-18 10:00AM  
Purchase of HPE 3PAR Storage Equipment 18-009-BOE 4-19-18 10:00AM Results
Purchase of DELL Servers 18-010-BOE 4-19-18 10:00AM Results
Air Conditioning Installation, Coleytown Middle School Gymnasium

Mandatory Walk-thru 4-13-18 @ 10:00AM at CMS
18-011-BOE 4-25-18 10:30AM
Purchase of Telecommunication Services 18-012-BOE 4-25-18 11:00AM Results
RFP Solar-PV at Staples High School, Bedford Middle School, Coleytown Elementary School, The Westport Library and Westport Center for Senior Activities

(Power Purchase Agreement)
18-Westport-PV 5-16-18 10:30AM  
Purchase of HP Chromebooks 18-013-BOE 5-11-18 10:00AM Results

Design Services for Synthetic Turf Fields and Running Track Replacement
RFQ 18-916T 5-11-18 11:00AM  
Septic Tank Cleaning

Sheet

18-014-BOE 5-29-18 11:30AM Results
Boiler Cleaning and Service

Sign In Sheet

18-015-BOE 5-30-18 11:30AM Results
Grease Trap Cleaning 18-016-BOE 6-4-18 11:30AM Results
Purchase of Custodial Supplies 18-017-BOE 5-25-18 10:30AM Results
Purchase of Fortigate Maintenance 18-018-BOE 6-19-18 10:30AM Results
Purchase of McAfee Virus Scan Software 18-019-BOE 6-28-18 10:00AM Results

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Saugatuck Elementary School, 170 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT 06880, USA