Our Mission is to prepare all students to reach their full potential as life-long learners and socially responsible contributors to our global community.

Events, Projects, & Programs

Past Events, Projects & Programs

Here’s A Sampling of Classroom Projects That WestPAC Has Supported:

Social Studies

  • 3rd Grade: Support district-wide field trips to Westport Historical Society
  • 5th Grade: SES teacher used an original plaster relief of the US Quarter coin, designed by Westport artist Laura Gardin Fraser, to bring to life a story about the "Buffalo Nickel" designed by her husband, James Earle Fraser, that the students read in class.
  • 6th Grade: BMS art teachers used the 1960s Wesselmann plaster relief radio to inspire students to create art works with cultural objects that represent today’s popular culture.


  • Elementary Math: SES Math Specialist used two works by Alexander Calder to explore shapes with kindergarteners. Students applied their study of geometry to notice shapes within Calder’s work, and used directional terms like “near”, “far”, “next to” and “above” to ultimately collaborate on their own Calder inspired work that then was displayed next to the original artwork in their hallway.

Language Arts

  • 7th Grade: WestPAC arranged for original objects with World War II themes to be viewed and handled in CMS classrooms for a unit on historical fiction. Students examined and discussed the works to make connections between art, social studies, and their reading.
  • 10th Grade: Sophomore English classes curated and planned exhibits using works from the collection. They chose and wrote about the works, traveling to Yale University Art Gallery for a workshop on writing about art for visitors and thematic displays. The exhibits were on view at Staples HS and at Town Hall. Another class authored poems inspired by works in the collections for Poetry Month.

SHS Senior Internship

  • Since 2014, 12th Grade students assisted with planning student-curated exhibits and developed and installed their own displays throughout the school buildings and department conference rooms, offices and hallways for all to enjoy.